VAMP Box Art GI Joe T-Shirt


VAMP Box Art GI Joe T-Shirt T-shirts


This exclusive GI Joe t-shirt features the box art for the V. A. M. P. attack vehicle. The V.A.M.P. was part of the inaugural lineup of the A Real American Hero series. It included a Clutch action figure as the vehicle’s driver.

Based on the Lamborghini Cheetah, the V. A. M. P. is powered by a 4.8 liter V-12 fuel injected twin turbo engine that enables it to reach speeds of 140mph and a range of 550 miles. The engine is powerful enough to tow to battle a larger weapons system, such as a H.A.L. or M.M.S.

GI Joe is one of the greatest cartoons and toy lines of all time. Everyone will know you are a fan when you wear this exclusive VAMP Box Art GI Joe T-Shirt!

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VAMP Box Art GI Joe T-Shirt

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