Jodie Amityville Horror T-Shirt


Jodie Amityville Horror T-Shirt T-shirts


This Amityville Horror t-shirt features an image of the demonic pig Jodie and the famous Amityville house in the background. The shirt includes the movie’s tagline, “For God’s Sake, Get Out!”

One year after Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his family in their Amityville home, the Lutz family moved in, only to be visited by supernatural spirits. Jodie, who was thought to be Missy Lutz’s imaginary friend turned out to be a demonic pig that could be seen from the windows of the house.

The Amityville Horror is one of the most terrifying movies of all time. Everyone will immediately know that you are a fan when you wear this Jodie Amityville Horror T-Shirt!

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Jodie Amityville Horror T-Shirt

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