Honorable Autobots Transformers T-Shirt

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Honorable Autobots Transformers T-Shirt T-shirts


This 80sTees.com exclusive Transformers t-shirt shows Optimus Prime pointing out the evil Decepticons to his fellow Autobots Bumblebee and Jazz.

The Decepticons are the merciless robots from Cybertron that are determined to dominate the galaxy. It is up to the Autobots to stop the Decepticons at every turn. Led by Optimus Prime, the Autobots are always willing to put up a fight to uphold justice throughout the galaxy!

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Jazz are among the most popular animated characters of all time. Everyone will immediately know you are a fan when you wear this Honorable Autobots Transformers T-Shirt!

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Honorable Autobots Transformers T-Shirt

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