Nai-B Hamster Inflatable Swim Tube – swimming pleasure for babies

Benefits of Use:

  • Familiarize babies with water- Babies slowly lose their sense of water that they were so familiar with in their mother’s womb. For some babies, water becomes very unfamiliar and even scary. But if you use the Baby Neck Swim Tube around 50 days after birth, you can get the baby re-familiarize with water giving them peace of mind with it comes to water.
  • Brain development & improved exercise capacity – Water play encourages the baby to move their muscles, helping their brain development and of course better muscle development. As baby becomes familiar with water play, they enjoy splashing and movement in the water.
  • Emotional stability and deep sleep – Giving a safe exercise for babies in Baby Neck Swim Tube before they go to sleep can give a very sound and joyful sleep. Happy babies with healthy body and healthy mind.

Product Features:

  • Ergonomically designed to support head
  • Easy to clean – air dry or wipe non-absorbent material
  • Easy to use – inflate with pump
  • Easy to travel – deflate & carry
  • Easy to store – deflate & keep
  • Free of Lead and Phthalate
  • Inflation pump included

Product Specifications:

  • Size (inside x outside diameter): 17.72 x 14.96 in (450 x 380 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.010in (0.25mm)
  • Age: Under 2 years old (under 30lb (14kg))
  • Material: P.V.C
  • This product is tested for compliance by a CPSC (US, Consumer Product Safety Commission)-accepted accredited laboratory.


This device is NOT a life-saving device.

It must be used in confined/still waters, where there is no rough current or waves.

Must be used when there is a competent adult is next to the baby.

Constantly check the temperature of the baby and baby’s status.

Do NOT over-inflate: it can cause puncture easily!

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Hamster Inflatable Swim Neck Tube

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