Delta City Poster Robocop T-Shirt


Delta City Poster Robocop T-Shirt T-shirts


This Robocop t-shirt features a poster for Delta City that shows Robocop as the city’s cyborg protector. The poster reads The Future Has A Silver Lining.

Delta City was Omni Consumer Products’ master plan for the ruinous expanse of crime-infested sprawl of Old Detroit. Delta City was to be a clean and harmonious city, maintained and serviced by OCP and subdivisions, an unending project with unending rewards, policed by Robocops and the OCP-funded Detroit Police Department. When Alex Murphy was killed, he became the very first Robocop, and was supposed to be controlled by OCP. When Murphy’s memories and values began appearing in Robocop, he fought back against the evil OCP corporation.

Robocop is one of the best science-fiction and action films of all time, and everyone will know you are a fan when you wear this Delta City Poster Robocop T-Shirt!

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Delta City Poster Robocop T-Shirt

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