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Bride Of Frankenstein T-Shirt T-shirts


This Bride Of Frankenstein t-shirt features an image of the creature that was created as a collaborative project between Dr. Frankenstein and his old university affiliate, the mad Dr. Septimus Pretorius.

The Bride Of Frankenstein was created with the intention of giving it to Frankenstein’s monster as a mate. The monster approached the bride and extended a hand in friendship, but after the bride saw his ugliness, she screamed. Realizing that monsters like himself did not belong in the world, the monster pulled a switch that destroyed the lab where the bride was created.

The Bride Of Frankenstein is regarded by many as the greatest movie from the golden age of horror. Let everyone know that you are a fan with this Bride Of Frankenstein T-Shirt!

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Bride Of Frankenstein T-Shirt

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